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Real Estate Intelligence for Aracaju

Use our analytical tools to get real estate info and to make better-informed decisions when investing in real estate in Aracaju, Brazil.

Try it. Look for a neighborhood in Aracaju, such as "Grageru" or "Ponto Novo": 

Available reports

Valor de venda

Descubra os bairros com os menores e maiores valores de venda

Valor do aluguel

Veja os valores de aluguel de cada bairro de Aracaju

Sales Price Evolution

Track the evolution of real estate sales prices in Aracaju

Rental Price Evolution

Track the evolution of real estate rental prices in Aracaju

HOA fees

Get to know the districts with the lowest HOA fees

Real estate availability

See the composition of each neighborhood by type of property. Find out which neighborhoods have more available houses or apartments.

Safety in Aracaju

The security feeling by neighborhood of Aracaju, based on the local press.

Do you will still use your feeling to invest in real estate?

Are you a broker? A real estate agency? Or are you simply thinking about investing in real estate in Aracaju? Whatever is your real estate profile, Essencialia has a solution tailored for you.

Find out the value of a property in Aracaju with just a few clicks. Search by neighborhood and get access to the purchase, rental, and sale values. Want more details? Discover the HOA fee's values and the distribution of property values by quartile.

Make an informed choice and reduce the risks related to buying a house or an apartment in the city.

Constant tracking

We monitor the Aracaju real estate market using Artificial Intelligence tools to offer innovative solutions in Marketing and Data Enrichment for constructors, real estate agents, and brokers.

Informed Decision

Investing in real estate is serious business. Use our data to discover the best places to invest in real estate in Aracaju. We calculate the value of the square meter at the neighborhood and even at a closed community level!

Buy and lease

Find out how much to charge for the lease of your property, how much you sell it, or how much to offer for a property. We are monitoring the real estate market of Aracaju in real-time so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Local data

Each city has its own specific needs. We focus on the local market to calculate the values for the lease, sale, and purchase of apartments and houses in the Aracaju area. It's impossible to invest in Aracaju based only on data from other Brazilian capitals.

Invest in real estate in Aracaju with peace of mind

For the investors

  • Easily compare the main investment metrics of Aracaju's neighborhoods
  • Access to data such as sale, purchase, and leasing prices
  • Neighborhood appreciation potential
  • Return rates by neighborhood

For brokers and real estate agents

  • Quickly access data to answer customer questions
  • Follow in real-time the evolution of real estate values by neighborhood
  • Get more listings and contact the property owner directly
  • Estimate the value of a property more confidently

For individuals

  • Find out how much to ask for the lease or sale of your property
  • See if your neighborhood has rising value potential
  • Get in touch with real estate experts in your neighborhood
  • Compare your property with similar ones

How much does it cost?


R$ 22
for the month of
  • To access all the data in a month. Ideal for those who are going to sell, buy or rent in need of a benchmark.


R$ 19
for the month of
  • Access to all data for one year. Ideal for realtors and real estate agencies or to the investors in them.

Ask for more information

The Essencialia platform is open for a limited time. Want more information about the Aracaju real estate market? Talk to us.