Create the perfect onboarding journey in minutes, not days!

Essencialia allows you to create onboarding journeys for your Talents in a few minutes. Here are some of the features that will help you successfully integrate and engage your Talents in a faster, funnier, and efficient way.

Your onboarding journey with tridimensional care!



Gain time and don't ever think about repetitive tasks. Automatize the onboarding flow and focus on the human touch.



Help your employees to better know and adapt to your organization's culture. Help them build a network since the very first day.



Follow the progress of your Talent during the integration journey and act if needed. Record the tasks that need confirmation for compliance reasons.

Features that will make you work faster and better!

Ready for the features? Here’s why creating onboarding journeys with Essencialia is different:

Reuse your old onboarding checklists

Copy and paste your existing onboarding checklists into our journey creation tool. We will convert everything into a beautiful journey, which you can start using right away.

Journey automatic creation

Your culture at the center of the conversation

As soon as they connect, your employee can see the mission, the vision, and the values of your company and of their department.

Company values

Create balanced and smarter journeys

Essencialia is built on top of the 4C's theory. The tool allows you to assign not only tasks to your new Talent, but also informative text, who is who, videos and other types of content. Our proprietary algorithm will tell you how you can improve your onboarding journeys.

Journey composition

Sentiment analysis

Discover which tone you are using to communicate with your new talents and check if it aligns with the company's culture. Discover if you are being too technical, not very assertive, or cheerful enough.


Other features that you will love!

Estimated time to finish

As soon as you publish your journey, discover the estimated time necessary to complete it. Balance your journey so it won't compete with other employees' tasks and activities.

As many journeys as you need

Create as many journeys as you need for each part of the company. Each department can have their own journeys, tailored specifically for their needs.

Clone your best journeys

Create faster journeys: just clone a journey that you already have and change what you have to change.