Setting the tone of the conversation for an amazing onboarding


One of our preferred features is the ability to check the tone of activities before your employee reads them. We believe that having meaningful conversations is crucial when onboarding an employee, so we make you are of how we think that your employee will perceive your instructions.

Every time that you add a task to your onboarding journey, you can see right after if your tone is more cheerful, assertive, technical, etc. It is important to adopt different tones throughout the journey to give it rhythm and make it more interesting for the employee.

The tone that you adopt in your journeys says a lot about the company. A bright and energetic startup could adopt a fresher tone instead of a very technical or very formal one. Setting the right tone will help your employee “get” the company’s culture quicker.

How to get the tone of an activity

The whole process is automatic and enabled by default for all our plans. When you create a journey step, just hit “Save” and the tone will appear on the bottom of the card, in the form of an emoji sign.

image 1

When you finish adding all your journey steps, you can also check on the main page of your journey some statistics related to your general tone.

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Remember: using a single tone can make your journey look boring and… monotonous.

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